Indore has become an area of interest because of the high level of investment taking place in its real estate sector. Despite being a tier 2 city, our city has attracted some major investments in the past few years and real estate prices have witnessed a substantial rise. This trend has been attributed to the near saturation of the availability of real estate properties in metropolitans and other tier 1 cities. Real estate in prime cities like Delhi and Mumbai has almost gone beyond the common man’s reach. In such a situation, tier 2 cities with good infrastructure and development possibilities like Indore have become the centre of interest among real estate developers and potential investors. Indore real estate has been further benefitted from the economic development that the city has witnessed in the recent past.

Indore is fast becoming the commercial hub of Central India. In fact the State Government is taking major steps to maintain the interest of investors and various SEZ’s have been set up across the State. Another factor which has worked in Indore’s favor is its central location. This makes it easily accessible from all parts of the country. Indore has seen a spate of development in the last few years. Many new industries, companies and major real estate developers have set up base here. Relative to the rising income of people, there has also been a spurt in number of shopping malls, shopping centers and showrooms being set up across the city of Indore. What we foresee is our city turning into a goldmine when it comes to investing in property.

In a nutshell this is the prime time to invest in real estate in our city - Indore.